ANDERSCORE serves SMEs from France that wish to develop their commercial activity in Canada;  ANDERSCORE serves SMEs from North America that wish to develop their commercial activity in France.

ANDERSCORE also works with some institutions in France and in Canada.

ANDERSCORE:  maximum efficiency for the development of your sales revenues in FRANCE and in North America.

ANDERSCORE’s focus is making the logistic connections that the regions offer.


. US-French – Dual culture

. Reactivity, cognizant of North American standards

. Activity:  30 years, including 25 years work in US companies and institutions

. Fluent in French, English, German

. Mastering the connections that assist in the implementation of your company

  (institutions, assistance in the research for local partners)

. Professional travels in CANADA and in FRANCE

. Exhibitions:

  FUTURALLIA Québec 2008 – Experts section –


  CENTRALLIA 2010, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Paris representative for ANIM,

  national and international Trade agency for Manitoba

  MONDISSIMO 2010 and 2011, International Trade and Mobility Convention.