Major function:  To organize the development of Canadian commercial activity in France and to organize French commercial activity in Canada.

Born in the US, she has lived in Denmark, Germany and in the United-States.  Currently she lives in the Paris area.  In France, she assists Canadian and French companies in the following market segments:  ICT, pharmaceutical market, biotechnologies, environment, metallurgy.

In her professional career, she has worked as a Sales attachee for French and other companies, as well as for international organizations, such as:  LYNUXWORKS, HOLIDAY INN PARIS****, AGARD-NATO, THE GERMAN MARSHALL FUND OF THE US, AIR CANADA, LUFTHANSA, NIEBURG KG…

Negotiations, time management, project management, and group seminars are part of her professional background. 

Thirty years of experience has made her comfortable in various professional domains, such as companies, institutions and organizations.  She works with French companies that are ready to do business in CANADA and with Canadian companies that are ready to settle their business in FRANCE.  Her abilities to adjust helped her build serious work connections.

Fluent in French, English and German, Clients see her as an organized, efficient and enthusiastic person.  Clients rely on her for the following:

Developing their Sales revenues in FRANCE, for Canadian SMEs, and in CANADA, for  French SMEs

Planning and goal-setting for reaching qualified appointments

Recommendations and advice regarding attorneys, finance experts, human resources, and accountants

Organizing itineraries and meetings

Participating in trade shows, exhibitions, forums, seminars and conferences

Liaison with the press, identify partners and contacts

Coordinating meetings and itineraries

Organizing plant and lab visits for you

on-site translations



As a structures, materials and technologies expert, Daniel Chaumette conducts conferences and technical training in the field of aeronautics and the environment.

After studying engineering at the École Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, he joined Dassault Aviation, where he played various roles over nearly 40 years:

Manager, Structural Fatigue and Damage Tolerance

Manager, Composite Material Structures

Head, New Technologies Department

Coordinator, Aircraft Research and Development Studies 

Chargé de Mission for the Technical Director General.

In aeronautics, he developed design methods for high-performance composite structures and their application to planes from the Mirage F1 to the RAFALE, as well as design methods for very high temperature thermal protection for manned spacecrafts.

In racing sailboats, he did the structural drawings for the first successful large multi-hulled ocean-going vessel (Elf Aquitaine 1) and the first multi-hulled ocean-going vessel with a carbon composite structure (Elf Aquitaine 2), the carbon composite structure of the very first Americas Cup Class.

From 1987 to 2007, he headed up structural design and composite materials training at the École Supérieure des Techniques avancées (ENSTA). During that period, he was the French representative on a panel of NATO scientific organizations (the AGARD, now the RTO). In 2007, he received the 2007 Panel Excellence Award from the RTO's Applied Vehicle Technology panel.

He is now passing on his knowledge and experience through training and conferences in English or French. Composed, calm and thoughtful, Daniel Chaumette is also a passionate and fascinating speaker. His friends say that he never forgets a thing and that he has an insatiable curiosity for the world around him.